Rules And FAQs

Participants can head to login page and click on "create an account" link. Once the basic few details are typed in (including login credentials), Cycool will register the user as a participant and will receive a rider registration number on successful registration in Cycool.

Participants need to login to the Cycool website using their login credentials that are set at time of registration.

After registering with Cycool and logging in, select any challenge you are interested in and register by making the payment. On confirmation, a mail and sms will be sent to registered email / cell number.

The registrations will end usually 48 hrs before the start of the event / challenge. Please refer individual event / challenge for more details.

No new account will be created for pre-existing Cycool participants. The existing Cycool accounts for data submission. The rider registration number is used to identify each individual participant.

Each event / challenge will have a registration start date, registration end date, event / challenge start date and an event / challenge end date. Participants can register anytime between registration start date and end date.

Each event / challenge will have a registration start date, registration end date, event / challenge start date and an event / challenge end date. Participants can participate as per event guidlenes between event / challenge start date and end date.

Data submission: You can submit your ride data directly on our website after logging in to your account with your credentials. You will need to submit your activity distance, time as well as an activity link under the "+ ride" tab. Activity Link: Activity link is a URL or website link which has details of your recorded run activity, including date, time, distance, speed etc. You can copy activity links from your mobile app or from the website of the app or GPS watch but please ensure that all your activity links are public data. Mobile apps to use: For any data submission participants must ride using a supported GPS running app or a GPS watch. Automatic ride data upload: cycool supports automatic import of your mobile app data if you have connected your Cycool account with your Strava account. Pls head to the Connected Apps section on website. If you do not use Strava app, many apps, GPS watches and websites allow exporting recorded activity to Strava. Multiple activities in day: are allowed in some events but not in others. Please read individual event / challenge FAQs for clarity. Combining GPS activities using tools: All submitted rides must be a single recorded GPS activity. Multiple activities are not allowed to be combined into one activity using online tools and then submitted. Two activities for one event: For a ride to be considered, it should be done in one go and recorded as a single activity. Smart trainers: rides on trainers recorded using GPS watches or apps in indoor mode and for which you have a public activity link which shows distance, time, pace, and splits will be acceptable for submission.

The min age of participation is 10 years. (And there is no upper limit.)

You are free to ride how much ever you'd like to ride. More distance or multiple times. Depending on the challenge / event, either all or some of these would be considered for the challenge (refer challenge FAQs for specifics.)

Twice a day (12 pm and 12 am)

To qualify as a finisher, you'll have to register for an event / challenge, record your rides on a ride recording app like strava in public domain and submit the details to Cycool either by adding the ride under "+ride" tab or enabling auto pick up from strava. After this, you can ride in a group, an organised event, or even solo and your rides will be added for the events you are registered under. Once the criteria of the event / challenge is satisfied, you'll be classified as a finisher.

Cycool admins can reject any ride which has suspect GPS data (straight line in between the route in ride data. unrealistic high speeds like 50-80 kmph for a sustained time during the ride, etc.) Admins have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help during the ride/s (like using a motorcycle or any other vehicle in between a ride) or any external aid, or cheated in any way.

When submitting activity data for the event manually on our website or via the mobile app, you must submit the elapsed time data for your ride. Apart from being easier to calculate, it also standardizes data between different apps. Pls note, moving time will not be considered.

Unfortunately, no refunds or cancellations are allowed for the events / challenges. So please consider your abilities and choose the right events / challenges that would help you progress further. We have events for all levels of cyclists.

The draft results will be published in 7 days time from the last date of each event. The official certificates can be downloaded within 2 weeks of completion of event.