New User

Cycool is a virtual fitness platform. You are required to follow the below steps to ensure you are able to use the platform without any issues. In case you face issues with any of the steps below, please email us at [email protected]

1. Create your account

If you do not have a pre-existing account, create an account now by clicking on the Create account link. (on clicking the link login and signup window to come)

2. View report and submit data

You can use website to view reports/leaderboards or to submit your daily activity data.

3. Install a supported mobile app for activity tracking

To record your daily ride activity, you download and install any of the supported apps or use a supported GPS device.

4. If using Strava app connect your Cycool account to Strava app

You can enable automatic import of your activity data to your Cycool account if you are using Strava app. To setup this automatic import, please connect your Strava account to your Cycool account here (under Settings > Connected apps section). Ensure that your Strava account activity privacy settings are set to Everyone.

5. Ride using a supported mobile app or GPS device

Record your activity data using your mobile activity tracking app or GPS device (GPS devices also support recording data in indoor mode).

6. Submit your ride activity data on Cycool website or app

Submit your activity data using the website. You can do this by clicking on the +Ride link in the menu, or clicking here.