Cycool Mentorship Program:

The Premise

People adopt cycling if they are encouraged or motivated to do so. A big part of that motivation comes from a group of other like minded cyclists and a/few pivotal cyclist/s who motivates them to keep riding more.

To help guide new and intermediate cyclist's there is a need for a few key pivotal / inspirational cyclists who can guide new riders into becoming self-sufficient and strong cyclists.

Who is a Cycool Mentor?

A Cycool mentor is a cyclist who is passionate about cycling and getting others around him / her to cycle. Apart from displaying skill in cycling, a Mentor shows empathy towards other cyclists concerns and finds joy in helping them improve their cycling.
A Cycool mentor would typically be an ardent cyclist and is specially chosen from within the cycling community. Selflessness, Concern for upliftment of cyclists, Betterment of cycling community etc. would be his/her top concerns.

The Plan:

Cycool Mentors will upload writeups, pictures, videos etc. and conduct live video chat sessions to help new and intermediate riders in their cycling. Their knowledge and talents should come in handy for an aspiring cyclist to up his/her level.

A mother of 2 teenage daughters, a cyclist, a Super Randonneur who has done some iconic rides like K...2K Kutch to Kamyakha , Bangalore to Kanyakumari... The list is endless. Vidya is an inspiration to a lot of women who have now passionately taken up cycling. She has also inspired the men to encourage their wives /sisters / daughters to take up cycling. Vidya started the Spokes Women group and SW has grown to be the biggest community of women cyclists in Bangalore. Vidya has been iconic in her accomplishments and humble in her victories and for this, she has fan following of cyclists all over India.

Vidya Chandran
Bangalore, Karnataka

Mohan Subramanyam is an long distance Endurance cyclist and the pillar of Bangalore Randonneurs. He...'s been cycling since 2010 and have finished 10 SR till now with atleast one SR every year from 2013. One of the beginners of Randonneuring (long distance cycling event) in India. He's completed 6 1000 km BRMs & four 1200km BRMs apart from LEL (England, 1400 kms LF), PBP (France 1200 kms), ISAN (Thailand 2020 Kms) and travelled to Australia, Spain, Israel to participate in Long distance rides. He has also been part of RAAM expedition (USA) as support crew member. He is immensely experienced and you can use this opportunity to get insights and your queries answered about Randonneuring / Ultra cycling / Long Distance Cycling

Mohan Subramanyam
Bangalore, Karnataka

Rahul Nair has worked in the industry as a banker and as a professor for over 12 years. Rahul is a s...uper randonneur / endurance cyclist and relishes anything on 2 wheels. In 2018, he started TWAAH (Two Wheels And A Handlebar) to get more people hooked to a cycling lifestyle. He's conducted multiple ride programs for beginners and intermediate riders all over Bangalore. He's been instrumental in starting cycling clubs in more than 5 appartments around Bangalore. Rahul has also helped absolute newbies learn cycle balancing and discover the joys of cycling. Apart from this, Rahul also started the “Cycle to Health” program, TWAAH youtube channel on cycling and conducted multiple cycling workshops for beginners including Decathlon, Atta Galatta (Bangalore) etc. He also specialises in assisting riders with a proper Cycle Fit and helps budding cyclists with Cycle Buying recommendations. In his free time, he does bike packing trips in South India.

Rahul Nair
Bangalore, karnataka