Cycool Dare100 Challenge

Think of joining the 100 club? This is your opportunity to do so. Is it tough? Maybe. But if you prepare well and believe in yourself, you'll be unstoppable. In this challenge, your task is to complete multiple 100 km rides during the challenge period - 30 days.


Training rides are designed to motivate you to ride regularly

The options are to complete 100 km rides either 10 times or 15 times within the selected 30 days.

Regular rides not only improves your overall fitness and health, but also keeps your body in peak condition for long distance (endurance) rides. Consistency is the key to training and better health. This challenge helps you achieve these goals.

Remember, you can select the challenge start date from the calendar. However, once registered, the challenge start date cannot be changed. Please complete the registration details & connect with Strava in the profile section after registering with Cycool.

Mentor : Mohan Subramanyam

End Date :

Rs. 333

  • Registration for the challenge
  • Automatic ride data import through Strava
  • Virtual Ride, that means you can ride anywhere, anytime, as per your convenience
  • Leaderboard and Dashboard
  • Digital Certificate and Medal


How to Submit Ride Data

Once you sign-up/sign-in and register for any particular challenge all you need to do is ride and submit your data in this website. To submit data go to ‘+Ride’ tab after you sign-in and provide details of your rides.

And if you are using Strava then we will automatically import your ride data. You just need to enable automatic import of your activity data by connecting your Strava account with your Cycool account using our connected apps feature. Ensure that your privacy settings are set to ‘everyone’ on Strava privacy settings page to allow import.


Like any of our 30 day challenges, this challenge can be booked on any day of the year! While registering for a challenge, please select the date on which you'd like to start the rides for the challenge. You can start riding on that day and finish within the next 30 days. A reminder about the number of days left for a live challenge would be shown on your dashboard.

You can ride on any of the days (and it need not be consecutive days)

Participants need to login to the Cycool website using their login credentials that are set at time of registration with Cycool site.

After registering with Cycool and logging in, select the challenge, select challenge start date and register by making the payment. On confirmation, a mail will be sent to the registered email id.

This is a minimum distance challenge. You'll have to ride and record the minimum distance for a ride to be eligible for the challenge. Hence shorter rides will not be considered. Nor can 2 shorter rides be joint to form a minimum distance ride. This is kept so as to encourage you to ride longer and stronger. But you are free to ride how much ever more you'd like to ride. Your total distance will be captured in your dashboard. But for the purpose of the challenge only 1 minimum distance ride per day is considered.

Once you login, you can add your strava account under "my apps" Here you'll have to login to strava and give permission to strava app to share ride data with Cycool. Make sure to tick all the boxes of permissions for error free submission of data from strava to Cycool. For other apps / gps tracking devices, please submit the link for your public gps ride tracking in the "+ride" section.

Challenge Timelines

Activity Date
Registration date The date you book the challenge
Challenge Start Date (CSD) The date you select as the challenge start date. You start riding on this date
Challenge End Date (CED) 30 days from the challenge start date
Last Activity Submission Date CED + 2 days
Final Results CED + 3 days
Completion Certificate CED + 3 days