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Published on 03 Jun 2023

Published by Rahul Nair

How to ride longer distances?

The prospect of getting a new cycle is always exciting. And the thought of starting a new cycling lifestyle is even more appealing. Then comes the 1st ride. For some it is a 3 km long ride, for others it is 7kms and for some others it is 12… it was a beautiful ride, reminding you of your childhood. But then comes the discovery that cycling is a bit tiring. At that point, you might even think, "did I bite more than I can chew?" You wonder how the other guys you know can do 50 or 100 or more kms at a stretch!

So here is your answer to how to ride 100's of kms and still have fun on the bike!

  1. If you have taken to a cycle recently or are considering buying a cycle, know that your muscles and bones need to get used to the cycle and a cycling lifestyle. If you start now, you'll need around a month of riding to get your leg muscles ready for continuous riding that you may want to do. So the trick is to be continuous and regular instead of trying to do maximum distance at maximum speed. You’d be better off to start slow and regular so that you build up stamina. You can be rest assured that as you keep cycling every day, your speed and distance will automatically increase over a few short months. Our Cycool hurdles are also designed to encourage this transformation. We hope that, with regular practice, you can progress from doing shorter slower distances to faster longer distances over a few months.

  2. Remember that the cyclist is the engine and the engine needs fuel to keep running at optimum speed. That fuel in case of the cyclist is "good food". Whatever food you eat will be burned during cycling (as it is a cardio activity.) and if you don't refuel, the energy will be taken from the fat reserves in the body. Which is great for weight loss but if done on a regular basis, tires the body and burns the muscles instead of fat. That's never a good thing! The best fuel for your body (the equivalent of 93 octane premium petrol for your car) is carbohydrates. So remember to have anything made of rice (preferable) or whole wheat before, during and after the ride in sensible quantities. Check with your nutritionist as well. Also remember to drink lots of water / nariyal pani / lime juice with salt and sugar etc. to hydrate yourself during and after the ride.

  3. Climb's tend to tire new cyclist's often. It's good to remember that there's a downhill after every uphill or just internalize that #ThisTooShallPass or just scream at your legs, "shutup legs". Whatever your mantra is there's no 2 ways about it - practice makes a better climber (so does a lighter cycle and better gearing.) So just suck it up and climb that climb again and again. Soon enough you'll not hate it that much and will just accept it as part of the ups and downs of life


  • Weekend long rides are great. But it is the daily short rides that build your stamina.

  • Idli, dosa, bread, bun, biryani, paratha, banana, dates, dry fruits are all great for cycling.

  • Drink and ride is not only ok but encouraged. (I am talking about water.)

  • Keep climbing. Nothing develops your legs like climbing.