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Published on 03 Jun 2023

Published by Rahul Nair

Why I cycle and You should too!

Hi there, I am rahul and I am gonna tell you why I cycle and how cycling has changed my perspective of how to live. But 1st, a history lesson...
Humans were hunters. We all know that. We used to move from place to place by foot and carried only as many things as we could. We were close to nature and disturbed other creatures as little as possible. Natural selection ensured that only the best survived. And the entire pack was fit & healthy to meet the uncertainties thrown up by life.

But then someone discovered trade, & man “settled” down. Man found security in groups, towns and cities. Comforts increased as huts became palaces. Coin and money, introduced hoarding to humans. Somewhere, success was defined in society as those who could hoard more coins.
Yes, people “settled down” in life, but we didn’t realise, that we settled for less. We got feeble when we moved indoor. We learned to live with insecurities and fears. Earlier we took life head on, but now, we confine ourselves in a cage of myopic rules and social definitions. We forgot how to live.

Thankfully, now there’s a change happening. Lots of people are listening to their heart. And at TWAAH, I want to tell you the same. Pls go out, jog, run, cycle, travel, meet ppl, feel the sun or the rain or the wind on your face, tell someone something you've never said, eat something you’ve never had, exercise like crazy, push your limits, basically just live!!!

And that brings me to cycling… I’ll tell you why I cycle.... Because it gives me joy. It gives me my space, it takes me to new places, it makes me lose my baggage (physical and otherwise), it lets me meet new people (some of the best I've met), it keeps me healthy and best of all, gives me a fresh perspective on life! Now I'll tell you why you should too...


Go to any busy traffic junction. Look around. Large vehicles, 1 driver, empty passenger seats. In a car, you are not stuck in traffic. You are the traffic. Tell you what! Get out of the cars, get a cycle. You’ll reach faster. Guaranteed. Plus, In the space needed to park a large vehicle, you can park 12 to 18 cycles!!! To transport 30k humans in an hr across a specific stretch of straight highway you need 12 lanes for cars…and just 2 for cycles!!! Beat that.


We complain about cycling for 10 kms… we used to walk 30 to 40 every day not long ago. Mumbai dabbawalas travel around a 100 kms every day. With the dubbas. It kind of makes me wonder what are we doing with our lives? (No wonder Thor said, “You humans are so petty”) Get out and cycle… let those fat reserves disappear around your waist. Build your stamina. Plus it's insane amount of fun. Try it out!

Save the world:

Human beings were given 2 hands and 2 legs. If you use them well, you can be more than a superhero. You can be an ideal human. Save the world from pollution. Save the economy from importing more petrol. Save the city from traffic. Save the trees from being cut for bigger highways. Save yourself from being unhealthy. Phew!

You can join me on twaah! or you can start your own thing. But the important thing is to start. That’s the only thing that counts... other than, registering for Cycool rides of course :)